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Have you ever wished that a doctor would spend more time with you and you didn’t feel like a clock was ticking the time. Your health concerns were taken seriously. They were investigated and treated in a systematic and personal manner. You had access to a friendly professional Health care team at your disposal.

You are at a time in your life, that you want to do things you never had time to do,
to enjoy this part of your life, with your spouse, your children and your grandchildren. Maybe you have not been taking care of yourself very well, and health problems are arising, or you have never been satisfied with the medical attention given at routine medical offices. Many of us have given up trying to figure out our health issues and ultimately we hope for the best.
Now you have been feeling tired, your joints ache, you’re overweight, your body lacks tone. You are feeling a bit depressed, watching yourself age and not feeling your best.
It does not have to be this way…. anymore.

MCF has been in the reproductive field for 30 years and has recently created a menopause health program to meet your needs. Be involved with our medical health care team offering specialized treatments designed especially for you.
We will help you feel your best, improve your mood, your body and your spirit, so you can enjoy life, and do more of the things you have been dreaming of.

Our program offers you personal extended consultations, with regular visits throughout
the year at your convenience.
We focus and address areas of concern of the mature patient. Medical treatments help to improve face and body tone, joints and muscles, and balance hormones.
Areas of focus include: Cardiovascular concerns, Bone health,
Hormones, Menopause symptoms, Bladder Issues, Cancer screening, Weight management, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal problems, Memory and any other medical condition that is important to you.
We take an Integrative approach with a number of choices for treatments.
Many of our tests and therapies are not readily available at your doctor’s office. Our program includes a Certified NAMS physician specializing in the treatments of menopause symptoms. Bio identical hormone therapy is available as a possible solution.

For the fee of one cosmetic laser treatment you can have a yearly membership, with several medical consultations throughout the year. A choice of therapies or consults are included with membership such as: naturopathic, acupuncture, massage, pain management, detox session, Biofeedback, Blood cell analysis, therapy exercises for various health conditions, Body toning, and Facial toning available.
We can stream your treatments, and consults to meet your needs and affordability.

Please call to discuss your special needs and concerns. Set up your complimentary first appointment so you can learn how we can help, and so we can design a medical health program that is customized to suit your needs and affordability. Medical Insurance coverage can substantially reduce our program fees.
Experience health and medicine the way it was meant to be.

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Living Well, Feeling Well
Menopause Health Program