About Us


MCF was the FIRST Fertility clinic in the North York region. It was established 30 years ago, and it brings with it all the years of clinical experience to service you.

MCF was the Canadian clinic that researched the science that evidenced, that BOTH sperm and egg quality can be improved in most cases. We can empower you with the knowledge and treatments to make this happen.

MCF was the first to consider, and offer, Integrative Medicine and Therapies in the field of infertility, with new methods of treatments being introduced on a continuous basis, such as the role of stem cells in fertility hyper oxygenation of tissues, and detoxification techniques.

Our Andrology services are second to none, in providing you with the best opportunity to improve male infertility which can contribute up to 40% to causes of infertility. MCF provides multiple diagnostic testing for sperm quality and function, followed by various treatment options not widely available at other centers.


IVF is the considered procedure when you have blocked tubes, extremely low sperm count or other serious conditions. Our specialized treatments will be combined with the retrieval procedure performed by leading IVF specialists in this field. This combination is very effective and will give the greatest opportunity for a successful pregnancy.
MCF also provides patients with a national and international presence for the receipt of Donor Egg, Frozen Embryos, IVF abroad, Surrogacy and Gender preference. These services are provided in association with Elite IVF, as well other IVF clinics in the United States.

Diagnostic Services are provided by MCF Reproductive, True North Imaging, Poly Clinic Diagnostics and IVF Canada.

Staff services include: Medical, Obstetrics, Diagnostics Services, Naturopathic, I.V. Therapy Acupuncture, Massage, Detoxification and Biofeedback therapies are currently available at this location.

Our Mission at MCF is to identify the causes of infertility and provide you with as many treatment options as possible in a caring and personal manner. We continue to strive toward these goals on a ongoing basis.

New research and technology are always being considered and applied to our services and programs to Further assist in a successful pregnancy.





Dr. Amitkumar Upadhyay MD

Dr. Linda The MD, FRCSC, Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Provides consultations in general infertility, ovulation induction, cycle monitoring, and is part of our Funded IUI program. Dr. The has many years of experience  performing surgical procedures, in obstetrics and gynecology including pregnancy deliveries at Major Mackenzie Health Hospital.

Dr. Rahi Victory MD, FRCSC, Associate Physician, IVF Specialist

Provides and reviews consultations and performs IVF procedures for MCF patients. He is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Specialist and Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Performs and specializes in minimally invasive surgery. Assistant clinical professor at McMaster Health Services. Dr. Victory provides numerous clinical research studies in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Ann Fenton BSc, RT, Ms Admin, ARDMS, ACCU, Clinic Director/Founder

Ann brings 33 years of clinical experience in all aspects in the field of infertility. Registered Medical Technologist, BSc, ART with advanced training and studies in Endocrinology, IVF procedures, IUI, Embryology, and certification in Andrology. Registered Ultra Sonographer ARDMS specializing in OB/GYN, with additional studies in miscarriages and pelvic abnormalities and cancer.  Other diplomas include: Nutrition and Acupuncture, continued study in functional medicine to provide consultations in general infertility, male factor, hormones & chronic conditions that impact on fertility, to optimize health and pregnancy success.

Dr. Christina DeGuili ND, Naturopath

Provides consultations and assistance to MCF patients with diet and lifestyle changes to improve overall health and reduce chronic health conditions.

Mary Thomas ARDMS, Ultrasound and Patient Care

Medical degree in MD, OB/GYN India with several years of clinical obstetrics experience. Registered Ultrasonographer ARDMS trained in all areas of imaging. She has been providing ultrasound imaging and patient care services at MCF for over 15 years.

Plus all our other wonderful staff assisting in the success of MCF Reproductive, including technicians, RPNs and other sonographers.